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The Humane Society of New Zealand Inc. endeavours to improve the situation of needy animals as it is made aware of them. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. Read more...

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Status: Available
Age: 9 months - 25/11/15
Sex: Female
Breed: Neopolitan Mastiff x Bulldog
Cherry loves people and going for short walks. She will need to be an inside dog as she does feel the heat.


Status: Available
Age: 2-3 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Jag is very much a character cat who has possibly used a few of her lives.

Latest news

Posted 29-Jun-2015

Book for Fundraising

Ellie's owners have written a book all about rescuing her and her life once she was adopted, written from Ellie's perspective.  All profits from the sale of this book will go to the Humane Society, which is fantastic, and very kind of them.

The book is now available for purchase.  If anyone would like a copy please click on the link below

Ellie Ellie (438 KB)


How Can You Help?

The Humane Society of New Zealand consists totally of dedicated volunteers. We need your help to continue our services.

Desex your pet

There are not enough homes now for pets, so why produce more? The Humane Society of NZ has desexing of pets as one of it's core aims.


Assist us with the organisation and running of our annual Pets Picnic in the Park fun day, held in the One Tree Hill domain.


Become a foster home for our rescued dogs. If you have some experience with dogs, a securely fenced property and some time to spend, you can assist with the rehabilitation of our rescued dogs.


Donate your time by joining our telephone roster to assist in taking calls from the public. Make regular donations to the Society for its ongoing work. The Society receives no funding and relies on donations to continue.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance towards the cost of desexing your pet is available in cases of genuine hardship.

To enquire about an application for assistance to desex your pet, please phone or write to the Humane Society, or fill in the online application form located under "desexing".