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Ash South Auckland

Status: Out on Trial - 7/10/14
Age: 4 months - 09/09/14
Sex: Male
Breed: Lab X Colle/Cattle Dog
Ash's ideal home would be with a fun-loving family preferably with children More information

Baxter South Auckland

Status: Out on Trial - 15/12/14
Age: 5 months - 24/11/14
Sex: Male
Breed: Beardie X Hunterway
Baxter is a sweet gentle boy, who is shy but loves cuddles. More information

Bentley South Auckland

Status: Out on Trial - 19/12/14
Age: 4 months - 14/08/14
Sex: Male
Breed: American Bulldog X
Bentley is a lovely cuddly boy who loves people, gets on well with other dogs but will chase cats. More information

Brody and Bandit Orewa

Status: Available
Age: Brody - 7 years Bandit - 6 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Chihuahua
We have promised we will rehome these two together and will definitely not separate them. More information

Dexter Waitoki, ten minutes west of Silverdale

Status: Adopted - 19/12/14
Age: 7 months - 11/12/14
Sex: Male
Breed: Fox Terrier
Dexter is loving & responsive, damned adorable with the most handsome of markings & cute mannerisms. More information

Frosty East Auckland

Status: Available
Age: 9 months - 14/11/14
Sex: Male
Breed: Border Collie X ?
Frosty is a cuddly puppy who loves to play, he's well behaved and bright, but needs plenty of entertainment. More information

Louie West Auckland

Status: Property Check Pending
Age: 9 months - 12/09/14
Sex: Male
Breed: Labrador X
Louie is playful and affectionate, loves giving kisses and getting cuddles More information

Pete South Auckland

Status: Available
Age: 2 Years
Sex: Male
Breed: Fox Terrier
Pete is a very active and excitable boy who loves people (adults & children) and other dogs. More information

Shygirl West Auckland

Status: Adopted - 13/12/14
Age: 5 months - 24/11/14
Sex: Female
Breed: Beardie X Hunterway
Shygirl, is as her name suggests, just that. She is shy meeting new people and other dogs, but is playful and loves playing with toys. More information