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Autumn West Auckland

Status: Available
Age: 17 months - 25/04/16
Sex: Female
Breed: Beardie x
Autumn is affectionate, loving, adores cuddles and can melt you with her look when she wants something. More information

Bailee South Auckland

Status: Available
Age: 5 months - 04/04/16
Sex: Female
Breed: Bull Terrier x
We are looking for a special home for Bailee as she is profoundly deaf More information

Cinnamon South Auckland

Status: Available
Age: 6 months - 05/02/16
Sex: Female
Breed: Staffie x
Cinnamon will make a great family dog More information

Daisy Orewa

Status: Available
Age: 2 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Boxer x Collie
Daisy is a lovely affectionate girl who is very obedient. More information

Paddy South Auckland

Status: Property Check Pending
Age: 11 weeks - 23/04/16
Sex: Male
Breed: Miniature Fox Terrier
Paddy is a lovely little boy, a typical terrier, full of energy More information

Sabrina Pt Chevalier

Status: Adopted - 24/04/16
Age: 6 months - 21/02/16
Sex: Female
Breed: Lab x Staffie
Sabrina loves her toys and food. More information

Storm South Auckland

Status: Adopted - 23/04/16
Age: 8 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Alaskan Malamute x Elkhound
Storm loves going in the car, for walks and likes to paddle in the water. More information

Valentino Pt Chevalier

Status: Available
Age: 6 months - 17/03/16
Sex: Male
Breed: Staffie x
Valentino really enjoys going for walks and would love to go to puppy school More information